Delineators Introduction

Delineators are used to guide and redirect traffic into the correct lanes and to prevent road users from moving into oncoming traffic. They are either installed permanently or temporarily. In instances where roads are completed and lanes established they are installed permanently e.g. off-ramps and toll plazas. In instances where there are roadworks or temporary road closures, road widening programmes or new road development they are generally installed temporarily.

Blue Key provides a range of delineators varying dependent on application. Delineators are often used in conjunction with guide curb which provides a further level of traffic separation. We supply both reboundable and fixed Delineator solutions for any traffic accommodation requirement.

Delineators are available in the following variations:

  • Reflective Sheet Markings – Black and yellow vertical reflective chevron pattern or Red and White vertical reflective chevron pattern
  • Base Types – Rubber, Plastic, LC1000 (made of conveyer belt material) or Guide Curb
  • Base weights – 7, 16 or 28 kg bases
  • Dimensions – 1200 X 250 mm, 1000 X 250, 800 X 200 mm (standard) & 600 X 200 mm
  • Blade colours – orange or black
  • Blade style – Convex or straight, recessed sheeting or surface mounted sheeting, double or single sided, with top handle or none.
  • Base Connection – fixed or reboundable which use a double walled flex boot. Reboundable delineators return to their vertical position after being bumped or driven over by a vehicle.
  • Additional safety options: Top mounted hazard warning light

Quick Deployment: Under the Warnmax brand, we supply foldable mobile delineators which are easy to stack, carry and store for indoor our outdoor use. Most often used for quick road closures and roadblocks

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