Wegarail Product Family

  • Wegarail ES (N2/W2/A)
  • Wegarail E Eco (N2/W3/B)
  • Wegarail S Single (H2/W4/B)
  • Wegarail ST Single Twin (H4b/W7/B)
  • Wegarail for Bridge Parapets (H4b/W1/B)
  • Wegarail is manufactured by Blue Key Road Safety Technologies under European license possessing an EN 1317 and CE rating, equivalent to SANS 51317-2 in South Africa. It is an innovative system range and flexible Road Restraint System providing containment at N2, H2 and H4b levels. It covers all applications on highways and roads.

    Wegarail is easy and quick to install and maintain due to its simple modular design and innovative connection technology. Standard height is 750mm – 900mm. Bridge Parapet Wegarail is 1,000 mm, although in special cases this can be raised to 1,200 mm. Wegarail is available in widths ranging from W1 to W7.

    Due to its flexibility, Wegarail can be deployed at roadsides, on central reservations, on dividing strips, on median crossings, on bridges, in front of bridge piers and on curved roads. Wegarail is also able to integrate with other existing safety barrier installations.

    In respect of Bridges, Wegarail can be deployed on Bridge Parapets due to its strong containment characteristics and narrow working width.


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