Traffic Accommodation Trailers

These trailers are used at “Stop and Go” roadworks and are fitted with traffic lights (robots). The use of these trailers are essential to maintain the safety of road users entering traffic accommodation areas, ensuring safe passage and minimizing inconvenience. Traffic lights are controlled manually or electronically.

To ensure that traffic moves effectively through the work zone, it is critical that Traffic Control Devices (TCD’s) are used to advise, warn and direct traffic appropriate to the site conditions.

All Traffic Accommodation Trailers are equipped as follows:

  • 2 way radios
  • On-board battery packs
  • Solar panels to charge batteries
  • Ablution facilities with the Flagman/Operator on duty
  • Light post with attached floodlight
  • Operating and Training manuals

It is recommended that Modurail be installed at traffic accommodation areas to protect the Flagman/Operator, Trailer and equipment installed in and on the trailer.


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