Leitboy Delineators

Leitboy Delineators are high quality durable products with a long lifespan. They consist of a two-part vertical marker. The blade is made of blow-molded high impact plastic (HDPE). These delineators are rebounding due to the use of a double-walled flexible boot. This ensures that they rebound to the upright position if struck by a vehicle. They have a recessed sheeting area and come complete with sloped sheeting, on one side or on both sides. The sheeting is type prismatic. The blade is equipped with a handle on top. They are available in a range of sizes.

  • Two-part vertical marker
  • Top section made of blow-molded high impact plastic (HDPE)
  • Rebounding support from double-walled flex boot, detachable
  • Restores to upright position, if struck by a vehicle
  • Recessed sheeting area
  • Sloped sheeting, on one side or on both sides
    Handle on top


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