Guide Curb

Guide Curb is a system of interlocking delineator bases which forms a raised profile, more clearly delineating a lane and serving as an additional deterrent to road users in terms of crossing over lanes. It has a two-tier shape which prevents vehicles from skidding when coming into contact with the product and limits the possibility of the product dislocating. Guide Curb can accept any delineator blades with a flexible double-walled boot connector rendering them reboundable. These delineators return to their upright positions after being struck by a vehicle. Guide Curb can be fitted temporarily or installed permanently.

It can be installed either on a straight line or a curve. The skid resistant grip on the bottom of each unit ensures excellent laying stability on road surfaces and allows for water to flow underneath the product since it is slightly raised. In temporary installations, Guide Curb does not need to be glued or anchored to the road and therefore no residue remains once it is removed. Snap in reflective arches can be fitted to Guide Curb to ensure that motorists notice its raised profile at night.

Guide Curb is manufactured from a dense recycled plastic/rubber compound with a minimum of 16 kg per section. Its dimensions are 1000mm X 90 mm X 270mm (L/H/W). A 90° curve can be achieved within an 11m stretch using 11 sections.

  • Original Klemmfix interlocking system
  • Two-tier shape
  • Skid resistant grips
  • Manufactured from a dense recycled plastic/rubber composite
  • All weather durability
  • Water drainage
  • Ease of installation (no anchors, no glue)
  • A 90°-curve to be laid out on ~ 11x11m
  • Snap-in reflective arches (optional) for best nighttime visibility
  • Weight min. 16 kg
  • Dimensions (L/H/W) 1000/90/270

Curb End piece A

  • yellow
  • Skid resistant grip
  • Moulded-in steel hook
  • W/H/T 440/90/270mm
  • Weight approx. 5,6 kg

Curb End piece B

  • yellow
  • Skid resistant grip
  • Moulded-in receptable for steel hook
  • W/H/T 480/90/270mm
  • Weight approx. 5,3 kg


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