Guard Rail (W shape)

W-shaped Guard Rail is the standard barrier method used on South African roads and has been in service for over 60 years. Blue Key Road Safety Technologies W-shaped Guard Rail is of galvanized steel construction and very durable.

Blue Key Road Safety Technologies advises its clients to consider upgrading to its range of more technologically advanced road restraint systems (RRS) with far better containment levels in preference to Guard Rail.

However, should a client still prefer the use of Guard Rail, Blue Key Road Safety Technologies is well placed to supply and install. Bearing in mind that it is the most frequently deployed barrier system on South African roads, the Blue Key Road Safety Technologies Factory produces large quantities of Guard Rail in short periods of time, conforming to SANS 1350 and SATAS standards.

Blue Key Road Safety Technologies supplies and installs guardrail inclusive of wooden and or specified steel posts, spacers, bolts, reflectors, curved Guard Rail and End Treatments.



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